Protecting our children from unsafe

Protecting our children from unsafe toys will always remain the majority of parent’s number one concern, but when will it become the number one priority within toy industry and the government regulatory bodies. The toy companies, retailers and the Government must listen and act when dangerous toys are brought to their attention so that we don t see the same hazards and the same injuries reappearing year after year. Dangerous toys are not as common as they used to be, but they are still out there.

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214 SW Broadway It’s kind of hard to spot during the day, but at night, Saucebox’s neon sign lights up, declares its excellence to NW Broadway, and invites you to come dine at the semi fancy downtown Asian fusion bar. On its happy hour menu, Saucebox offers traditional and non traditional Asian inspired snacks categorized by price: two, three, four, five, and six dollar snacks and sweets. For $2, I’d recommend the taro chips with furikake and sea salt, or the edamame, but not the way too crisp house chicharones (fried pork rinds).