Speaker Harwell began

“The simple facts of the matter are that she knew about the issues in 2015 and it wasn’t until the Tennessean broke that story in January of 2016 that Speaker Harwell began to take some kind of action by having the AG put together that committee.””It’s infuriating as a woman, as a woman who knows victims of sexual harassment, that Beth Harwell is taking this victory lap because she hasn’t done anything to deserve it,” said Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini in a press conference Monday morning.Mancini’s comments have state Republican leaders firing back.”This is 11th hour cheap politics trying to wage a war on a woman who is the speaker of the House,” said Ryan Haynes, chair of the Tennessee Republican Party. “The Tennessee Democratic Party couldn’t even get two of their own members to sign a letter calling for Jeremy Durham’s expulsion. Speaker Harwell is the one who led that effort.

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