The governor criticized aspects

The governor criticized aspects of Maine’s education system, citing the statistic that there are 127 school superintendents for 186,000 students in the state. He compared that ratio to Florida’s, which has 57 superintendents for 2.7 million students. He said the structure was hurting students and teachers, and criticized superintendents who “double dip” by accepting salaries on top of their pensions when they return to work after retirement..

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Sullinger graded out cheap nfl jerseys very favorably by FAQ as the 10th best free agent by the metric. His youth (he won’t turn 25 until March), win shares (he notched a career best 4.8 last season) and newfound defensive prowess were the key factors driving up his value. Sullinger recorded a defensive box plus minus of 2.3 a season ago.

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