Tulum’s sublime white

Tulum’s sublime white sands and turquoise waters are your front yard in one 47 cabanas tucked into a jungle clearing. You can relive the hippie hut experience of yore in two sand floor cabanas with thatch roofs, mosquito nets and shared bathrooms, or go upscale with larger cabanas offering king size beds, cement or natural stone floors and hand carved furniture. Sea view units, which get cooling ocean breezes, are worth the higher price.

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As an added bonus, the restaurant also offers flavorful and well spiced vegetarian dishes, a rarity for most Mediterranean restaurants. Be sure to try its signature baklava, the perfect sweet treat to follow the savory meal. La Mediterranee is a must go for anyone with a free evening and an appetite..

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General Motors and Fiat Chrysler were among manufacturers posting October results that topped analysts’ estimates after a robust September, with the continued popularity of expensive trucks and luxury sport utility vehicles showing that buyers are willing to spend. Ford and Honda fell short of predictions. Economy is strengthening as the Federal Reserve prepares to raise interest rates as soon as next month.

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