Urahara resolves to explore the issue subsequent, but states it requires date

Urahara resolves to explore the issue subsequent, but states it requires date

It wonder exactly what Inaba wants that have Nozomi

Later, Urahara, picking right up a faint code of Ichigo’s Reiatsu, and you can recovers your in the Dangai, shopping for fragments of data to the growth of Mod-Souls along the way. Urahara afterwards talks about the newest not likely characteristics regarding Ichigo’s recovery out of the fresh Dangai, claiming just what Ichigo demonstrated would usually become impossible. The guy explains you to definitely Inaba is really in search of the fresh new Dangai as the of one’s Mod-Souls pointers. Urahara speculates he made use of this article to produce new clones from the new Gotei 13 captains, and you can Nozomi confirms their observance. When he asks the woman whether she knew every along, Nozomi suggests Inaba created the Mod-Souls. Nozomi shows their earlier on Investment Spearhead, allowing Urahara understand Inaba’s complete motivation. [115] Later, Urahara suggests so you’re able to Rukia that he have ended Nozomi are an effective Changed Spirit, because of being unable to sense one Reiatsu of this lady and you can the fresh new uncommon, perhaps phony, healing power she applied to Ichigo. [116]

Tessai, advising Urahara one numerous Reigai had been caught inside their pitfall, asks once they is to proceed to the next step. Urahara believes, plus they ready yourself to frost area. [117] Later on, Inaba catches Nozomi and you will ruins Ichigo’s kept powers. Once Urahara food Ichigo’s wounds, men collects within their store to talk about the next thing. Uryu wonders why Inaba repeatedly tried to kill Ichigo basic. Kisuke teaches you that it’s most likely because Inaba you should never carry out a beneficial Reigai off a come to be that have Hollow vitality, which means that receive Ichigo getting a risky variable. Kisuke theorizes on exactly how to restore Ichigo’s vitality. According to him you to definitely from the having the leftover Reishi out-of Ichigo still on the Kototsu, they can make use of it as well as the Reigai tech in the SRDI to help Ichigo. Because the Ichigo is now instead of Reiatsu, he’ll manage to circulate freely from the Dangai, and work out your alone who will have the Reishi. Kisuke, giving your a good Reishi collector, throws Ichigo into the Dangai. Ichigo afterwards is offered unharmed to the Reishi he collected. [118]

Kisuke requires others to go into the latest Dangai very first once the decoys whenever you are Kisuke, Ichigo, and you can Kon bring a different sort of entry, due to the fact Kisuke’s Reiatsu-hiding cloak and Ichigo’s shortage of Reiatsu will allow these to disperse undetected. Properly infiltrating the newest SRDI, it set-to works restoring Ichigo’s powers. Urahara cards he’s going to be unable to heal Ichigo’s Hollow efforts, and because he is maybe not an excellent Reigai, it may would a strain with the Ichigo’s spirit. Until the procedure is accomplished, the machine begins to notice-destruct. Ichigo, swallowing the Mod-Heart, partly restores his Reiatsu. Kisuke is for certain Inaba keeps an in the past-up facility somewhere else that they are able to use so you can balance Ichigo. With the help of Yoruichi plus the captains, they escape the SRDI because it’s surrounded by this new Reigai. [119] While they seek out Inaba’s studio, Kisuke identifies Ichigo have to sit about, because of their internal chaos, and attach him with an effective “Kin” spell. Performing a little research from the SRDI and you may 10th Section, the guy notes an enthusiastic inconsistency anywhere between Inaba and you will Nozomi’s particular reports regarding the their pasts. The guy ends up they certainly were that Mod-Spirit split in 2 regarding the Reiatsu of your correct designer off Mod-Souls. [120]

However, Kisuke cards the process is erratic, resulting in Ichigo’s interior Hollow to start going wild

Urahara discovers study which leads him on the Colony regarding Maggots seeking Oko Yushima. Immediately following conquering the Reigai guarding new studio, Urahara and you can Kon pick Yushima into the an effective catatonic county. [120] If you find yourself Urahara guessed it, the guy finds out a small shadow off blood on the ground that belong so you can Inaba. Considering they, he can locate Inaba’s correct laboratory. To arrive, they view it is being protected by a good Reigai from Urahara themselves. The guy will teach Kon to help you sneak in while he face the fresh new Reigai. [121] [122] From inside the strive, Urahara sees the newest Reiatsu of your resurrected Oko Yushima. Later, s up with squirt indir Urahara to help you beat Reigai-Urahara. It enter into Inaba’s research, where Kisuke, stunning Reigai-Nemu Kurotsuchi, eliminates their Mod-Soul key throughout the Reigai. Position Kon in it, he directs your in order to Ichigo for the done-Mod-Heart regarding their Reishi. [123] Kisuke theorizes it does only temporarily heal Ichigo’s efforts. [124]