While I find many of your comments on the transphobic side, I really admire your willingness to wait for marriage

While I find many of your comments on the transphobic side, I really admire your willingness to wait for marriage

Your wife is female. For instance, is an extreme tomboy girl who really seems like “one of the guys” any less female to you?

Yes, she wasn’t socialized like you were, but that nonetheless makes her no less female

This has helped me quite a lot with coming to terms of my MtF transgender boyfriend. Me and my bf have been together almost 5 years, have a baby on the way and where planning to get married. I knew he had always thought he may be a woman but nothing ever sprung from it so i put it to the back of mind. He goes at the end of the month and I am terrified about the outcome. I love him enough to stay with him North Carolina car title and loan and accept it, but it doesn’t make this any easier. He has already said that he won’t transition to avoid losing me and our baby boy, but I feel so selfish and hurt by this as I know he will be unhappy. Reading this has really helped but it all in perspective for me. I won’t ever stop him seeing his son and will even have him at the birth if we find that we can’t stay together. But I love him enough to try.

He recently got a phone call from a hospital offering him an appointment to discuss what he is and what can be done

Transitioning is really freaking scary for a partner. I don’t even have children and it’s scary! It is great that you want to try to stay together. Think about what makes the idea so scary for you.. the process? Being in a ‘different’ relationship? Maybe surgery? Or just the whole change? Most people stay essentially the same person, just the female version! It is a long process and the same path is not right for everyone. And if you need to, take time to grieve and don’t feel guilty about it.

Hi I am I just found out my boyfriend who I love is transgender or wants to be I am not sure about the right way to say it I have asking advice from different friends who have points of view I want to be they for him or is it her i find it confusing he said I can still call him his name he going through a hard time with family and I want to be there for him is they any advice you can give me to support him and any information thank you from steph

Hi Steph, if you want to support your partner it sounds like you are doing a good job. Transition can sometimes be a slow process and it is HARD, so take the time to digest it all. Talk about stuff, do things together that are fun and relaxing and take care of yourself. Names and all that will come in time. Read up about the transition process and don’t be afraid to find a counsellor or confide in a friend if you need help.

Hey everybody,i need advice really bad in my situation im young and dont know how to feel or how to handle it. Scammed,lied to,disgusted,and just all in all hurt is how i feel.he said he told me because he loves me more than himself,an wants to spend the rest of his life with me and i need to know this about him. All i want to do is cry…my soulmate and first love has been a stranger for years and its just now coming up.even lying about sex , a very personal connection between us i feel betrayed..please help me!!