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Phillip Wealth Planners (PWP), a member company of the PhillipCapital Group, was incorporated on 7 October 1991 as Phillip Securities Research Sdn Bhd with a total authorised, issued and paid-up capital of RM500,000. The company changed its name to Phillip Wealth Planners Sdn Bhd on 22 October 2002. On 27 July 2005, PWP was granted the Investment Adviser’s License pursuant to the Securities Industry Act 1983 which enabled PWP to carry out the regulated activity of financial planning and wealth management services for individuals and institutions.

On 2 December 2010 PWP was granted the Financial Adviser (FA) License from Bank Negara Malaysia pursuant to the Insurance Act 1996. PWP currently holds the following licenses from:


PWP aims to become an excellent one-stop wealth management company through:

Excellent Customer Care

Product Leadership
Search for, development and provision of innovative, high value and distinctive products and services for clients and business partners;

Operations Excellence

PWP – A member company of the PhillipCapital Group

The PhillipCapital Group

The PhillipCapital Group was founded in 1975 in Singapore. Today the Group is represented by member companies which operate in the financial hubs of 16 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Sri Lanka, United States, Turkey, Cambodia, India and Dubai. Collectively, our members have extensive branch networks with more than 5,000 staff and total shareholders’ fund in excess of US$2 billion.


Directly or as intermediaries, the Group offers a full range of financial services which include fund management, bond and securities broking, futures, foreign exchange, precious metals and commodities broking, unit trusts, hedge funds, home loans, insurance, property consultancy, investor education and investment research. The Group now serves more than 1 million clients worldwide with Assets Under Management totalling more than USD 44 Billion.

In Malaysia, the PhillipCapital Group is represented by a group of companies headed by Phillip Capital Holdings Sdn Bhd.

The PhillipCapital Group in Malaysia


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